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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                269

February 2$th.

It is certain that Dr. Willis is with the King.
The Prince and Pitt were together, and the Prince
said to Pitt, " You are still minister."

To which the other replied, " I hope, if a
regency is requisite, Your Royal Highness and I
shall agree better than the last time."

** Oh!" said the Prince, " I see things now
in a very different light from what I did then."

So the ministry is now finely mottled. St.
Vincent and Hawkesbury are installed, and perhaps
Eldon—the rest not. I can scarce flatter myself
Lord St. Vincent will return me my old situation,
as Messrs. Pitt and Dundas remain.

February zjth.

The King's fever is leaving him, and he is
just now as he was when he began to mend twelve
years ago. They say his illness was brought on
by his taking a most extraordinary dose of James's
powders of his own accord. If he does not make
haste and recover, there will be a regency estab-
lished upon the resolution entered into in 1789.